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Jagged Alliance 2 Guerrilla Warfare

Some words before you will folowed below.

   Some people note they hate to play Wildfire Mod, because it made the enemy too easy a target due to high damage of weapons.  Some other say that Ivan B's "Early Rebel's Recruit" - patch makes the game too easy and kills the game's atmosphere. Only I can say, you will hate this product too, if you will try to play it alone. This  product is made to supply  Serge Wildfire's realistic weapon conception & Ivan B realistic early rebels recruit  patch starting conditions with adequate realistic enemy and war scene. The fact is, no product can stay alone. To build   the house you are to build not  only walls, but floor & roof & may be some more. You are to put them all together. I hope my sharing will finish the building started by others.

    Jagged Alliance 2 Guerrilla Warfare  consist of maps & some other files originally designed  to work with Wildfire 3.0 for  Jagged Alliance 2 v1.06

    The Jagged Alliance 2  is copyright Sir-Tech

    The Wildfire patch is copyright Serge "WildFire" Popoff, who did all the hard work, and deserves all the credit. For more information about the Wildfire 3.0 patch, go to his web page here

    The Jagged Alliance 2 Weapon Editor 1.40 (ja2wedit) is copyright W4st: [email protected]

    The "Early Rebel's Recruit" - patch is copyright  Ivan_B (contact data set to private by author)

    This product is  distributed AS IS.

    This document is an integral part of the product.

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Guerrilla Warfare

America Latina

   "No solo sabremos resistir cualquier agresion sino que sabremos vencer a cualquier agresion y nuevamente no tendriamos otra disyuntiva que aquella con que iniciamos la lucha revolucionaria, la de la libertad o la muerte, solo que ahora libertad quiere decir patria y la disyuntiva nuestra seria patria o muerte".

Fidel Castro

The reason why this product exists is convergence of sir-tech & my own vision of Arulco.

First difference is nature. I dont know what country was used by sir-tech as prototype of Arulco, most likely it was a public garden (smile), but mine is based on real one in Central American region.

The second difference is lightning of strategic installations. Instead of sir-tech way to make the maps captureable, the lightning changed to improve it's defensive role, no matter of difficulty it brings with.

Third difference is mine fields. There was not mine fields in original JA2 untill you reached the Meduna, in way used in this product you are in mine war from the first step you made on Arulco's land. So you need a sapper to win this war.

On the first stage it was just a pack of modified original JA2 maps, some kind of experiment - how it looks like to change the nature around the war & what will happens. The result was very interesting one, the wild grass made usual JA2 tactic obsolete & made night not only an ally for player but his enemy too. This stage is represented by basic version - it's pretty unbalanced version, cause there was used principle of "all dropable weapons", but first  that became the base for evolution of product, the country maps from this version exclude town squares were still used in next version.

Next step on the product way was started after receiving some notes from experienced players. They note, that there are too many guns dropped from enemy soldiers after they death, this way was researched more closely. The tests showed that there is no need of preseted dropable weapons at all so they were mostly excluded.

The second thing was made this time, was rising of enemy soldiers parameters & equipment improvement to make them more dangerous especially in night ops.

The changes were made, but game was still too easy for experienced player & next change came - the final removal of preseted night vision equipment from map.  This step draw the cross on night only tactics for most of players, cause in the situation when all enemy are equipped with night vision equipment & your mercs no, it become very difficult challenge.

And again we came in same situation, all changes were made before, were still not enough to made the game a real challenge, so some more steps were made:

After some discussion with several players the profiles of AIM & other mercs were changed. The changes was made to make the personnel more professional, but more expensive.

As the basic level of experience the 4th level was chosen d, the salary was correspondingly risen & some parameters were risen to reflect this grown too.

The main idea was, hirelings are professionals, so they must know everything needed in combat. The way they don't know explosive enough to act with reg. hand grenade is at least curious one, so there is no more A.I.M. members, who has not explosive skills anymore... The second strange in original table of A.I.M. was, most of doctors were with no mechanical skills. I'm wonder of  this case, cause the mechanics is fundamental discipline in medical colleges, so all doctors have at least 32 of mechanical skill now...

At the first look the A.I.M.'s table has very little changes, but if you take a close one, you will see, you need much more money to support it's members now.

Some more changes were made for some persons in A.I.M.,  M.E.R.C. & Rebels

There is no more noncombat instructors - the persons like MD, Ira, Beef, Flo etc. have no teaching skills anymore. The reason to make this changes, was fact, that to train some one to kill, you must be experienced in this area,  if you are bad shooter, you can't be shooting trainer... The persons I was mentioned about & some more are not good fighters itself, so how they can train militia? The answer is - no how - so they aren't anymore...

In current situation, the project reached new phase, there will be no more original map squares from sir-tech in upcoming version. The towns maps will be made from clean paper, only limitation is using same supply points for air fields & may be for sam sites control panel placements if there will be place for sam sites at all, cause there is some plans to change story line a bit.

The creation of new maps takes much more time then modification, so work going slow a bit, now there are only two maps of Meduna that are already done: the new airfield & new sam site, you can download them in expert version section.

Thats all for now - have a good game...

Special thanks to:

Evgeny Pavlenko & Serge Popoff for help they given to evolution of this project, who's help let this project hope to became not just one set of maps in long line but new page in Jagged Alliance history.

Evgenia Gordon active Moderator of for suporting the spirit of game & her wisefull nonintervention.


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