MOD 4.0. Available soon...

Beta version of WildFire's MOD 4.0 is done. See stats and pics here. Some details at link Docs. Guerilla Warfare 4.0 map pak also available soon. Have questions? Welcome to our forum!


I-Deal Games have own forum now. Link available in menu.


My homepage is moved. It's a new ang good server. All my future patches/mods will be here. All links are updated. Welcome!

Mod 1.3 for UB (16.01.2001).

Mod 1.3 is available. Sorry for delay. Weapon stats is here. Simply download and unpack to your UB directory.

Introduction (02.09.2000).

Sir-Tech was created the unique game, but they have undeserved offended many weapon, i.e. german MP53 and G3A3. G3A3 in real life have less range than FN-FAL, but not so lesser (300m vs 425m in original game). MP53 more comfortable than Commando. Handguns... Why S&W have 11 AP/shot, but heavy FN-FAL have 5 AP? And so on, so on... My last patch is attempt to correct some disadvantages of this area.

Sounds. The original sounds have not liked me at once. The original sound of 4.7mm weapon shot has reminded me toilet bowl burble. Only one good sound was in the game initially - 5.45 single shot. It has not varied almost in patch. But almost all other sounds were replaced by me in first patch, v1.0.

Pics. Another pain. Developers had 3 years! Really this time was too little? Why SVD and AK-74 look as it have cut off a half of barrel?

So. If the developers do not want to improve the masterpiece - we shall make it. Enjoy.

And at last. Why I done patch in 1.05 first and not 1.06. Because game after installation original patch v1.06 has become to work unstable at me. There were crashes, which earlier never was. I don't know, whether will be it at you. Try it. You wanted 1.06 - you have got it.


Serge "WildFire" Popoff

P.S. I'm sorry for possible grammar errors. English is not my native language.