Long time unseen. Some thing happens for last year 

I hope it's the last post with old design we going to run new design soon.

And for now some news you mist this year if you was not on our forum of cource...

1st  Guerilla Warfare  Project itself is closed. Now it's a part of Wildfire's mod project. It means I will not post new maps separately form wildfire's mod.

2nd During last year we get  many ideas and left houndreds hours if work bihind our back, so for now Guerilla warfare map addon covers ALL ground surface of Arulco. So what it' is at the moment:

Some  sample screen shots and  sectors description:

Chitsena A2
New sector
What's New

Screen shot: A2


Chitsena B2
Based on original B2 (part mountainside at left)
What's New:

Screen shot: B2

Drassen C13
Based on original Drassen C13 (There are two original buildings left: Bar and Doren's sewing workshop.)
What's new:

Screen Shot: C13

Cambria, some sectors: Hospital , University

Grum some sectors:  G1, H1, H3

Alma overall view : Alma



Greetings to everyone!

I'm glad to see you here in new year. This year show me it's character already, so I can't say I'm happy, but any way life is still continues, so let's return to our case.

The case is promissed new maps. And I can say a lot of work is already done. The reasons you don't see new version in download section is  my wish to made some glodal changes in town sectors and it takes much time I can spent on it :(. The second reason is that maps are not tested yet. During  test game started yesterday I   found a lot of bugs and mistakes (it's no wonder in case there are about 270 maps...) so in result of testing I was to rebuilded 16 maps already. And  this version requires new radar maps case there are so much differerences with original, that it's no chance to avoid creation of new radar maps. It's another pain, cause I was not even started with them... Work is simple, but it takes a time to get whole this radar maps from  jaub format files...

So I decided to post this project not in single file like I was promissed before, but in shares again,  first share of 64 sectors  from A to D line will be posted this friday after general testing finished. But in any case it's still beta so I'm expecting some notes from you...

See you this week, sincerely yours, Romualdas Arm

[email protected]


Lot of time passed since my last post, there was some reasons for it... most correct to say problems...

First & main problem was my illness, but, as people say, problem never come alone...

On behalf of server administration I'm to tender  apologies to all who has problems to reach us during last three weeks.  We hope to avoid such situations in future...

Now about news. Cause of my illess, I was to stop my work on new country maps edition , and was returned to this work only at this (passed) weekend, so new maps I was promissed before will be posted here,  approximately in last dates of January.

This edition is related to expert version, and after work will be finished, it'll puted into single file.

In addition to old high grass and mine fields practic, now I shared the country map on zones from up to down.  Each zone has it's specific set of enemy's weapons according it's remoteness from landing point. So the further you are  moving from landing point, the havier weapons enemy got, no matter how fast you are moving. It' means if you used to play  blitzkrieg you will to review some tactics, cause now there is no difference in enemy weapons & equiment on the first day and at day 100, only you can get, is a bit less number of enemy that's all... In the same time, to get better guns you are to move further, cause now there is no chances to get, say, G3A3   patrolling Omerta outskirt. To exclude temptation to use bug with not offending to robbery traders (Karmen, Micky, etc), all their weapons were replaced with MAC-10.

Truly yours, Romualdas Arm


Site design was changed some stuff added. It will be long story only if I will count the changes - you'd better take a look by yourselves...


Some thing happens, both good and bad:

The good is, that number of downloads was rised, but in the same time it's the bad news, cause rise exceed free geocities traffic quota,  so there are lot of compliants from gamers, who was unable to download the pack.

Now I can say the problem is solved - most of content  moved to personal server with Internet channel capacity of 155 Mbps & this manual will followed it in few days.

After some cogitation, I decided to stop work on country maps for improved version, cause in this stage I  reviewed the way of map building - It will be full map rework for all the sectors.

The main line of wild nature will be much more improved, so in next version you will to use explosives a lot for both assault, and to clear the landscape from natural grown in defending purpose - so some trade options changes for explosives are following.

The Weapons stats are changed following balance in wildfire 3.16 rus,  new files will be placed soon.

Truly yours, Romualas Arm


Heh... I can even say I wondered, it seem to be about ten visitors for day here now...

But it was not the point I going to say about. After some  hesitation I  made one more change in maps this Sunday - there is no ammo will ever drop from enemy in town sectors. The idea was to make buying ammo from Bobby & Tony  to be not unreasonable couse in basic JA2 there is no need to ammo supply at all, due abundance of ammo left after enemy death. I'm not sure in results, couse I just started a new game with this option so let see what happen together...

16.08.2001: Does not work - pity :(


Here I am...

I left behind my back some changes in conditions of my life and now I'm here again and I'd like to tell you, that some thing will changed.

1st, I finished the new hardened maps version using notes of players and my own feelings on this case. I called this version Improved, couse there is very little visual changes in maps, but it's not so little inside the enemy soldiers :) You'd read the new description above, if you don't yet. The maps are ready now, but will be available on Monday 6th of August only, cause I have some problems with uploading right now & it seems the be solved on this week-end.

2nd, there are new changes in item table coming soon due wildfire 3.16 russian version released.  I will post stats for all weapons after last changes will done.

Note for those who is going to play Improved version - the changes done there some time are strong even for myself, who knows what to expect, so if you think you are Iron Man, remember that  retreatment  with no casualties is worth the victory...

Truly yours, Romualas Arm


I made some changes in guns weights according real weights from guns manufacturers sites:


weight kg (w/o magazine)


Beretta 92F 1,0
Beretta 93R 1,0
.38 S&W 1,0


AKS-74U 2.7
MP5A3 3.1
MP5K 2.0
Commando 2.4
P90 2.5

Assault Rifles

M16A2  3,6
FA-MAS  3,6
AK-74 3.1
AKM  3.1
M-14 4.0
FN-FAL 4.3
G3A3 4.4
Steyr  3.6
G41  4.1
G11 4.1


RPK-74 4.6
H&K 21 9.3


weight kg
5.45x30 0.5
5.45x45 0.9
5.56 0.5
7.62 0.6
7.62 נקצע 0.6
4.7 0.1
5.7 0.5


Spas-15 & M870 magazines cutted to 6 rounds. In fact  M870 have magazine for only  4 rounds (http://www.remington.com/firearms/shotguns/PUMPACT.HTM), & Spas-15 for 6, cause they are using the same ammo, I used the maximum value to avoid creating new kind of ammunition.

Truly yours, Romualas Arm


This page is a new one, but there is nothing static in this world...

I'm very upset with fact, that Tatical Planet forum is closed today 9 of June. So, link to this forum as a place where you could finf W4st is no more valid...

Looking all around I decided not change original pack in future, but made addons for it. So documentation inside prime.zip now just a page of history...

     Following Serge "Wildfire" Popoff advice, I added second copy of item table with original Rocket Rifles inscription  wrr.zip. Later I will place here instructions how to add graphics & sound tracks from Wildfire 3.14 rus to 3.0

        Basic table was changed too,  in weight graph for russian guns & some more. It could be downloaded here: wgfire.zip

Some about experiments with game after pak installation:

    I spend one evening  testing  patch  in line there is no rebels patch installed. Cause there was no Miguel with his Night Goggles in my team it was nervious action, but not impossible one. I was able to take Drassen first time plaing with no causalties after three game days...

    I was to act very cautious & after long intermission was to use save/load magic... Two of tree days I spent to heal my mercs after capturing Airport sector. By the way, I was  specially played like some one, who don't knows the sectors, but there is the way to get whole city by single night assault.

Hint: What main in Sandwich?

    In this case I was thinking how to make it more difficult to capture Drassen & it seem I find a way - try to attack Chitsena mine at night inserting whole team east near mine entrance & you will understand what I meen :) BTW it was the pleasure - tha fact there was no casualtyes is nothing just a luck. I think I'd rebuild prime vol of  archive to make guards equipped according this sector defenders, cause I take the east sam with ease...

    And guys, is it really air space affect on airport delivery? I ment till not captured sam you cant buy from Bobby in Sir-Tech version? I'm asking cause I have anglificated & patched to 1.06 russian version & there is no dependance of sam to Drassen's airporf...


After first try I restart the game again & was following this:

Expert, Tons of Guns, Non limited turn time, Sci-Fi

Core team for night combat & suport team (+Team):

Start: Myself (Night ops Auto weapons), Stephen & Wolf
Next step: Spider
Then: Miguel +Carlos
+Nails - Good out of sight sniper

Next vacancy for Gunter

How it is going on:

     After capturing Omerta I hired Ira & stay in town till night: Wolf healing himself, me repairing weapon & Stephen training Ira in leadership, then moved to Drassen. at the 2nd day's morning captured Drassen. Finished food quest & healed wounded mercs till next two days & in between times get Dimitri. Then Me, Dmitri, & Wolf  was visited San Mona where sold some weapons & earned 10000 in fighting (first round myself & Wolf the secod) till ather two training militia in Drassen. When we  tried to move to Chitsena, met cats ambush & was to return to main group to heal. Spider hired. Everyone healed & moving to sam to went ot main entrance avoiding mine fields (from road) ambushed again - me wounded a bit spend some time before ddark to heal & attack sam. I could say that if you know where you should not go (about mine fields around)y the defence is still weak cause low number of defenders if you gat an chemical flare there is no problems at all. Some time I was spent training militia & Wolf was to return to Drassen cause I forget TnT & there is no lock specialist in my team. Then I made a mistake trying to disarm electric trap - wolf was low in explosves to do it, so I was to heal him again & traps were disarmed by Stephen. Then I was cleaned outskirts & spend some time healing in Drassen it take the time so I defend the town with my mercs from 4 assaults include 7 elite squadron I was surprised but they attacked Drased mine instead of SAM. Then I visited San Mona & moved to Chitsena where was surprised & spend a day till was able to capture second sector, after light &  warm welcome from mine sector garrison -   I was to use save load... While I was in Chitsena Squadron of 15 redshirts owertaken SAM - it was no matter cause I'm not using helicopter in principle but same principle make me to spent some time cuting them off :).  Returning from Chitsena I was hired the Miguel & Carlos, Ira & Dimitri left in Chitsena (train & repair) At the day 15th I completed training new garrison in sam & moved forward to Kambria by the road to Alma.  Encamp waiting the night next to crossroad square & was visited by 15 enemys moving to Drassen & bowed them with no scratch to my mercs. At night I attacked post at cross road where Wolf again find the adventure to his ass - there was no ather way except go away cause enemy was not visible in grass even after flare was used. Then we mowed to Kambria encamped its outskirts healed Wolf a bit & at 6 ap atacked city from the east road. capturing sectors one by one moving counter clockwise After capturing only one merc was not wounded. Now I'm there healing my mercs & I'm not using hospital, cause it will be too fast...